In Memoriam:
Vester Washington Vance (1933-2005)
Russell Kenneth Vance (1917-2006)
Waid Winston Vance (1923-2009)
Willie Doyle Vance (1926-2010)

Group Summaries

Group  1
This group, the largest in the Vance DNA project, contains the lineal heir of Barnbarroch, and all members of the group are presumed to be descendants of the Barnbarroch Vaus.  Due to the group’s size and complexity, I have described it in four separate reports.  The first report discusses the genetic evidence relating to the entire group.  The genealogical overview of the group is presented in two reports: one for group 1a (the main body of the group) and another for group 1b (a more recent branch of group 1). 

Group 1 is also a branch of a larger Scottish clade that dates back to the middle ages and that contains numerous men of other surnames.  The evidence relating to this clade is presented in a fourth report.  As a corollary to that report, I have provided an excel spreadsheet that contains the DNA results of all the individuals identified as clade members.

Group 2 [Click here for the Group 2 report]
Group 2 consists of several distinct early American lineages, a few of which are able to trace back to Ireland.  The group is made up of two branches: 2a and 2b.  Group 2a is dominated numerically by the descendants of Matthew Vance of Pittylsvania County, VA, and his close relative Abner Vance, but also contains several other significant branches that were in America by the mid-18th century.  Group 2b consists of the descendants of Samuel and Agnes (Penquite) Vance as well as Samuel Vance of Bath Co, VA.  

Group 3 [Click here for the Group 3 report]
Group 3 appears to be of Irish origin, as five of its six members are able to trace back there. Two members are from lineages that remained in Ireland. The remaining four all emigrated either to Canada (Ontario, Nova Scotia) or to the extreme north of the US (Michigan, Vermont/New Hampshire).

Group 4 [Click here for the Group 4 report]
This group consists of the descendants of Patrick and Elizabeth (McCray) Vance.  Patrick died around 1810 in Fayette County, KY. 

Group 5 [Click here for the Group 5 report]
This group consists of the descendants of Thomas Vance who came from Rockbridge County, VA, to Gallia County, OH, by 1820. He appears to have originally been a Wentz, so possibly of German origin, and may have been the grandson of a George Wintz or Wentz who died around 1791 in Frederick County, MD.

Group 6 [Click here for the Group 6 report]
This group consists of the descendants of the Quakers William and Elizabeth (Backhouse) Vance, who emigrated to Chester County, PA, from Ireland around 1741. The DNA evidence suggests that the group’s ultimate genetic origin lays in Wales as an offshoot of the Bassetts of Llanelly.

Group 7 [Click here for the Group 7 report]
This group consists of at least two, perhaps three, Vance lineages of German origin.  They appear to trace back to one or more Wentz families who came to Pennsylvania in the 18th century.

Group 8 [Click here for the Group 8 report]
Group 8 probably has the best claim to a descent from John Vance of Coagh, who features so prominently in Balbirnie’s work on the Irish Vances.  Two of its members are from lineages that remained in Ireland.  Three others trace back to a group of brothers or cousins who came to Mississippi from Ireland in the mid 19th century.  The group also contains the descendants of James Alexander Vance, who moved to South Carolina from Pennsylvania  in the 1780s. Their shared descent with a Hay man with roots in Nairn suggests an ultimate origin for the group in Scotand.

Group 9 [Report pending]
This group consists of the descendants of John Vance , who was born 1796 in Tennessee and died around 1860-1870 in Washington County, AR.  The MRCA of the group is Martin Van Buren Vance, John Vance’s son.